Mamanet is a team sport based on the rules of Volleyball.  The most essential difference to volleyball is that the players must catch the ball with both hands before passing it on the their team mates. No spiking nor hitting is allowed, instead, the ball is thrown over the net. This makes Mamanet easy and fun, everybody can play it! 

Mamanet is for everyone, regardless of age, sex, religion or background. It brings people together and adds value to life through exercise and social aspect of team sports.  

Mamanet sport arrived in Finland a few years ago, when TUL ry -Finnish Workers´Sports Federation - introduced it to a vaste network of associations and sports clubs working on promoting healthy lifestyle and grassroot sports for immigrant background and Finnish citizens. 

FIMU ry - Finnish Multicultural Sports Federation - was one of the associations who took initiative in introducing the sport to its member clubs and partners. The sport quickly started to attract more players as well as new instructors to join.  Five different Mamanet courses has been organized so far at Kisahalli Sports Venue and Kisakeskus Sports Institute. Fimu received funding from MInistry of Culture and Education for Mamanet in 2019 and 2020 and has therefore been able to take this fun and easy ball sports even further to more women and girls. Also school children, immigration centers and elderly citizens will be introduced to Mamanet during the project period of 2020. 

Established in 2005 Mamanet –mothers Cachibol- league is the largest social - sports league specifically for mothers in Israel today.  Today with thousands of  players, in over 90 cities across Israel, Mamanet has spread in many countries such as Austria, Italy, Greece, Cyprus & the US.

Mamanet has the potential to change the sports society and the life of women for the better”! Harry Bauer, President of CSIT: “This was my first statement after having experienced Mamanet and it remains absolutely valid”. CSIT is acting globally as an accelerator for this movement.

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